Tracker Flight Tracking System for radio and video link

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This device allows the transmission to two servos called PAN and TILT, the necessary orders to maintain continuously a directional antenna pointing our plane.

The electronics of the Antenna Tracker consists of two parts. One of them is connected by USB to the PC and is responsible for the processing instructions servo outputs. The other part is responsible for connecting and feed the servos and offset adjustment bread.

They communicate by six wires TTL12 levels being perfectly compatible with an RJ45 cable. The system incorporates a switching regulator, allowing entries 9-12 v. Once powered up and connected the servos, we configure the device from the configuration menu.

The antenna configuration menu can upgrade your firmware tracker, store and retrieve configuration files.

  • Supports servos PAN 180 and 360 degrees.
  • Monitoring of electronic and mechanical power station antenna.
  • PAN Offset Adjust the setup menu.
  • PAN Offset Adjust the antenna tracker device itself.
  • AUTO or MANUAL modes selectable from the console.



Tracker Tracker Tracker


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