DSR Team


Dark Star Robotics (DSR) is a Spanish company founded in 2013 by a group of computer and electronic engineers with various linkages and experience in the field of R + D + i applied to robotics, and more particularly, to systems unmanned autonomous of flight (English UAS). Participating in technological development and innovation in the field of UAVs and Drones, increasingly present in our society carried out a variety of tasks.

The objective of DSR is the development of electronic systems for UAVs, such as autopilots, stabilizers, sensors, actuators, telecommunications systems, ground stations, etc ... For this, DSR designs and produces its own devices, being fully manufactured in Spain. Tangentially to the DSR product line, we carry out projects for specific clients, designing completely custom systems.

DSR makes a strong commitment to innovation, quality products and service:

  • In our R & D is constantly new developments and technological innovations, which are reflected in our products, and are at the service of our customers.
  • All our products use the highest quality components, ensuring its reliability and durability, as well as being fully manufactured in Spain.
  • Our technical support department is fully available to advise and assist our customers.

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